Unite your team with culinary team building

Gastronomic team building is a modern, entertaining and educative way to connect with your colleagues. Whether it’s at somebody’s home, on a rooftop or in the forrest, we will set up a kitchen and join you for a fun and informal day with great food and wine.

Our talented chef is Thomas Parry – Junior World Champion in the category: Dessert Chefs. He has worked at The Fat Duck in England, which, during his stay, was awarded world’s best 3-star restaurant by the Michelin Guide.

Thomas is a really nice and outgoing person, and we are confident that you and your team will enjoy working with him.

Concept: Exclusive food and wine for everyday life!

With a gastronomic team building the intention is not to have your team create seven courses of fine gourmet meals. We make sure to take it to a level where every single person can participate. We base our culinary team building on flavour combinations and taste experiences. And you can easily take everything you learn and use it in your own kitchen at home.

As we all know, food tastes better with a nice bottle of wine. Our sommelier is educated in France, and at the moment he is a supplier for some Copenhagen’s leading Michelin restaurants. He will give a brief presentation where he will tell us about the wines that we will be drinking during the evening, and of course let us have a taste while we cook as well.

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