Your Conference & Event Agency

Event Republic was founded by industry-experienced people. This means that we know the pitfalls as well as the success criteria for a complete and successful event.

Event Republic was founded in 2003 by Mads Wittrup, who on a daily basis primarily is responsible for client relations. In addition to Mads, we have two project managers, one controller and a team of 120 people who work on a project basis.

We have managed more than 500 conferences and events, some with several thousand people attending, and we have experience with both the strategic and operational part of planning and carrying out an event.

“When you as a company are looking for an agency to manage your event, it can be difficult to know what you’re buying as you don’t get to see the end product before the actual event day. Credibility and thorough planning is at the core of our concept and a pre-requisite for being a professional event agency.”

Mads Wittrup – Owner of Event Republic ApS