Creative event and party theme

To make a corporate event even more memorable, Event Republic can create a theme for your event. We can take you on a journey back in time to the 1920s Chicago, 1980s taggy fashion or maybe a night out with Hollywood stars?

A themed event can be a nice and entertaining alternative to a traditional company party. It’s a great way to strengthen social relations in the company, and a well-organized theme party is something your employees will look back at and talk about for several years.

Here are some examples of themes that have been a great success:

The Brazilian cocktail party

Get ready for a colourful night with lots of great traditional Brazilian food, stylish drinks and Samba. When your guests arrive, they will be met by the smell of different flower aromas, then experience a unique cuisine and in the end dive into an exotic atmosphere.

Dancing with the Stars

A fun and joyful way to ensure the night’s entertainment is through a Dancing with the Stars theme, based on the popular TV-show! With this party we had big success and lots of happy people.

Casino Royal

The red carpet is rolled out, so get ready to start the party with your ‘high rollers’ in their finest attire. A real Casino Royal evening includes, of course, classic casino games with professional dealers and premium champagne.

80s made cool

The 80s was the decade with taggy fashion and tasteless hairstyles. Do you remember what it was like to party in the 80s with funny flower hats, fingerless gloves, thin ties and broad belts? Definitely worth doing again. It was fun back then and it still is!

1920s Gangster Style

Travel back to the Roaring Twenties where the alcohol ban in the US boosted the gangster activity in Chicago and other cities. This is a fun and popular theme party where you have the chance to dress up as famous gangsters such as Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel or join a Great Gatsby party.

Fire and Ice

This theme revolves around the elegant decor which will be made individually for your event. With everything decorated in the form of the opposites, fire and ice, you will experience a very intense and classic atmosphere.

Sushi and Champagne

An elegant theme which has something to offer to every participant regardless of preference. Our skilled Sushi chef is Sune Rahbæk. His father and uncle are the two founders of the popular chain of restaurants “StickNSushi”.

Moulin Rouge

Paris in 1895 was famous for Can-Can shows, street performers, absinthe, park benches and lampposts. This theme provides a large-scale option for decorating and dressing up and will make you forget reality for one night.