Copenhagen is the city that connects Scandinavia with the rest of Europe.

At the foot of Scandinavia, we offer world class service, gorgeous surroundings by the sea, probably the world’s best logistics and a remarkably high education level.

Copenhagen has rightfully earned its place among the top 10 congress destinations in the world.

This is not only due to the fact that Copenhagen has hosted meetings such as the UN COP 15 Climate Meeting in 2009 for more than 18,000 delegates, or that the Copenhagen Airport was ranked as the best airport in Europe by the passengers. But also because of the Danish awareness of quality, service-minded hospitality and honesty. In Denmark you will never experience hidden extra fees.

Also, Copenhagen is a beautiful city which successfully blends its ancient history and old buildings with today’s modern architecture and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Castles, breweries and atmospheric waterfront restaurants – including the world’s second best restaurant NOMA, are a part of the colorful and thriving eating out scene.  Not to mention the fantastic array of cultural activities and events…. Copenhagen has it all.