We give your conference a unique identity

Event Republic has extensive experience in planning conferences with an aligned concept – from professional content to tailored implementation, merchandise and evaluation.

Conferences as a strategy tool

A conference is an influential tool that can engage and lead your participants in any desired direction. It’s a truly strategic weapon, and with the right analysis, creative solution and focused project management, you can use it to obtain invaluable results. Through hands-on experience and use of various technological solutions, we develop a unique recurring identity for our customers’ conferences. Not just as a visual effect – but rather to create a sharp and penetrative message. We consider, record, document, evaluate, and measure what the output of your conference should be.

Interaction and messages that come alive

We take active part in the process of determining what you aim to communicate to your participants and make your messages become alive, inviting and informative – without sugarcoating it in any way. We focus a lot on interactivity among conference participants, and have also developed an interactive App where participants can leave remarks, ask critical questions, share ideas and much more. We will also coach your speakers and trim the content of your PowerPoints to help you achieve your goal!

How we help you organize your conference

Whether it’s a traditional conference or a corporate event held in non-traditional locations, Event Republic can help you out, all the way. We can manage every single part of the event – from production of professional content to handling audio-visual & technological requirements as well as online registration, merchandise design and evaluation. Or we can take care of just the practical part. We always work in close cooperation with our customer throughout the process and when needed, especially during the peak periods, our project manager will work directly from your location, ensuring quick and efficient communication.